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Our Partner

Whenever I keep ruminating over KIM with whom I was intimately closeted at the Institute of Advanced studies-a renowned study centre of Jhargram. I can no but feel a twinge of sorrow in my moments of loneliness. Sad to say KIM is not now in the land of the living. she has gone god so to speak. A terrible car accident took KIM away in the prime of her life. A dynamic and nubile girl of 29 who was blossoming out into her great beauty faded away leaving in our heart a vestige of pain and memory.

Now that KIM is gone many interesting aspects of her action coming, crowding in my mind.

In fact her sweet and charming nature brimming all over with a spirit of love has always been an epitome of emulation. I still remember with what dexterity and dedication she used to resolve knotty issues and challenging situations of her office. Never did I find her ilum and gloomy. She was temperamentally cool and cheerful, The way she tackled problematic things was a veritable proof of her prodigious personalitycult. The beauty and simplicity of her art of living made me feel intensely all about her real identity. The ideals and thoughts she has left behind will never become insipid and vapid with the onrush of globalization and modernity.

As Swami Vivekananda has tersely said “we r what our thoughts have made us……..Thoughts live, They travel far….”

I do hope KIM’s thoughts will live forever and outlive the ravages of all- devouring time.

Dr. Asitbaran Sharangi M.A.English | B.ed | Phd | D.LIT Head Master, Jhilimili High School

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